Kittens kittens kittens

Welcome to Two Pounds and under, Saving Grace Rescue’s kitten diary.

I will keep it simple for today but this will be the place to find the daily stories and challenges associated with tiny kitten rescue.

Today was a big day for the Oakland shoebox kittens Stretch, Muffin, Sunshine and Pacman. They played, slept and purred their way through a five hour photo shoot. Their photos will be used for an iPhone app that I can’t tell you about yet or I will have to give you a kitten but I promise it will be very very ridiculously adorable.

The added bonus for me is that they are all asleep now.

In other news, Lyra, the severe cerebellar hypoplasia kitten, had a ball chasing after the cameramen and props. Lyra loves people and she loves action so three new people with bags of props and equipment were a bobbing, weaving dream come true.

Check back and I will do my best to provide cute, funny and sometimes moving tales of rescue