Auggie plays

One week ago, an emaciated, flea dirt covered kitten was rescued by a previous adopter and brought to Saving Grace Rescue. Dubbed Auggie by her finders, the little girl could barely lift her head due to the wasting of her muscles. Her body was at the end of it’s resources and she was picked up just in time. She was frightened for the first day and basically just a pair of eyes peeking from behind a pile of fuzzy baby blankets.
By the next day Auggie started to realize that those itchy fleas were gone for good, human hands were warm and comforting, and chicken baby food tastes really good.
A week has gone by and with a few jars of baby food, several bowls of Royal Canin babycat and several warm blankets and heat discs, Auggie finally looks, and feels, like an eight week old kitten. Today she ventured out of her safe corner, found a toy and began to play.
Everybody knows that kittens play but few people see kittens that rediscover that joy. Auggie tentatively reached towards a feathered toy, pushed it gingerly a few inches, and then exploded into a running, bunny kicking, fur covered, ball of joy.
Watching Auggie regain her kitten nature and learn to enjoy life all over again reminded me why I am in the business of rescue. Auggie’s joy is a reminder of how amazing life moments can be. These kittens rescue ME.

Auggie’s first day:

Video of Auggie:   Auggie plays

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